I am finally caught up.  Brand new website and some brand new paintings!
This is the fourth website I have built and each one gets a smidgen easier.  I wish it were tons easier, but that is not the case.  It does make sense since each of the four have been built using different programs!  Hopefully, this one will grow with me and provide me with years of service!  I think that I will now treat myself to a hot chocolate and a cookie.  Shhh, don’t tell anybody about all the cookies that were necessary during the building  of it, but I promise this is the first hot chocolate! Since this is the first test drive of the new website, I beg of you to be my friend and drop me an email if you see any hiccups that I have missed.  I had my helpers, Rocky and Sabrina, take a look, but with paws instead of hands, they are not as detail oriented as I would hope.
And as you can tell, such a small job and they are done for the day!



I really do have a studio.  It is a small bedroom in the back of the house.  The problem is I have found I don’t enjoy working in there because I feel removed from the rest of my life.  My artist friends will understand that we need to feel comfortable, happy and inspired by our studio space, no matter the size.  So I set up this corner in my living room to paint and I am really happy with it.  Some day I hope to open up two small bedrooms  and make a larger studio area with more windows, a view out the front of the house and some comfortable seating so my husband can join me in the evenings.  Until then, I am enjoying my little corner studio.

A little introduction to the personal side of me…

My husband, Roger, and I have raised our daughter, Jenn, and am in my home studio during the day with my other children,  Sabrina my  20-year old kitty, and Rocky my 11-year old mini dachshund (aka a terror on wheels) while my husband is at work counting the years until he can retire.  I have decided there is now time to do some blogging.   Sometimes I want to share the inspiration behind a painting or maybe pass along some painting tips as I discover them.  While my husband loves to hear about my day when he comes home, he doesn’t quite get why something was so important that I felt it HAD to be painted or when I have discovered a new color or technique and am just giddy with excitement.

I thought that I would categorize these blog posts by “New Art and Inspirations”, “Techniques/Tools”, and “Everyday Extras”.  That way, if you are like Roger, and just don’t get as excited about that new tube of Phthalo Turquoise as I do (along with some of my artist friends), you can go over to the right side bar and select the “New Art and Inspirations” category instead.  I may find that extra categories are needed as time goes by (maybe someday I will learn to cook and have recipes, just kidding), but I think that this is a great starting place.



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